đź“– Explained: Comparables Search Criteria

The following comparison criteria area available for most properties.  In certain locations or for certain classes of properties some of the criteria may be disabled or there may be limited search options.  For example, if the subject property is vacant land you will not be able to select building details such as living area, year built, etc.  This is by design as a property with a building is not a good match to a vacant property. The default settings for these options are meant to allow for a balance of the number of properties returned while ensuring good quality matches.

  • Lot Size
    If available, this will compare the total lot area to the subject property. Condos will not have a lot size so this will not be an option for condos.
  • Living Area
    If available, this will compare the living area (heated area) of the property relative to the subject properties. Not available for vacant land.
  • Distance
    This is the search area included. You can expand or contract the radius plus select other options such as in same subdivision. This option is good if you would like to limit comps for a condo to only units in the same development.
  • Sale Date
    This will limit matches to only those sold during the listed time frame.
  • Year Built
    This is normally ignored. In certain regions it may be useful to include only properties of roughly the same age.
  • Bathrooms
    This is also normally ignored. Even if you ignore criteria the results will be ranked based on how similar the properties are in all fields. This is mostly used to exclude dissimilar values if you are not seeing a lot of properties with the same number of bathrooms.
  • Bedrooms
    Similar to bathroooms.
  • Waterfront
    In certain regions valuation changes dramatically based on the waterfront status. Again, generally only used if there are a lot of dissimilar properties showing up.
  • Stories
  • Garage
  • Pool
  • Included Results
    The options allows you to choose from the pool of potential properties to use for selecting comparables. By default we pull from all possible sales. If you have access to MLS data in the local area this will include MLS-reported sales. Users with MLS access also will see the option to only use MLS-listed sales and active listings.
  • Property Use
    A best effort is made to only include similar properties use types in our comps (e.g., we wouldn't include a multi-family as a result for a single family home). In certain instances these classifications may be too narrow causing properties to be improperly excluded. If you would like to loosen up this restriction click on the less strict link at the bottom of the criteria search box. This is normally not necessary.
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