­čôľExplained: Filtering Search Results

While the automated search attempts to include only high-quality matches you may wish to further exclude comps for any number of reasons.  To do so, simply uncheck the property.  Once you uncheck a property you will immediately see the projected sale price change based on the list of properties now included as matches.  Unselected properties will be grayed out and moved to the bottom of the page.  If you would like to re-enable a match, scroll down to find it in the list of unchecked properties and check the box for that property entry and it will be immediately added back.

 A maximum of 30 potential matches are returned so it is not guaranteed that all potential matches are returned.  If there are more than 30 potential matches they will be ranked and the best 30 matched will be returned.  If you want to change the criteria used for your search, you can do so by changing one or more of the criteria listed in this section. Once you have made the desired changes click on the "Update Criteria" button to perform a new search.  It is important to do this even if you are restricting criteria (such as distance) instead of increasing it because different criteria are weighted differently and can cause additional properties to be included that weren't previously shown with a different set of criteria.
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