Overview: Census Report

The Demographics Report is available as an additional report type for all properties viewed in IMAPP. To get to the Demographics Report click on the link labeled Demographics in the toolbox in the upper right portion of the page. When you click on this link you will be brought to a report showing a variety of demographic data about the area surrounding the current subject property. By default the report will include a 1-mile radius from the subject property but you can adjust the included radius by clicking on the appropriate distance from the list below the demographics link.

The report includes data from the Census Decennial Census supplemented with ACS data, also from the US Census Department. You cannot individually remove fields of data or charts from the display. The only customization you can do on this page is to toggle the display of the percent breakdown in each of the charts. If you would like to change this setting you can do so by clicking on the checkbox labeled "Show Percent In Charts".

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