Explained: Beta Upgrade Options

Upgrading to New Version of IMAPP

IMAPP is preparing to offer an upgrade to some users. The schedule for release may vary for different user groups. If you are in a group that has the beta/upgrade available, you will see a notice of that after logging in.

At the top of the IMAPP page there will be a blue link to allow users to opt in. After clicking on the note, a popup message will appear, confirming that user want to opt-in. 

Note: this opt-in process saves this setting as a browser cookie, so users would need to opt in on each device they access IMAPP from.

Resetting to Old Version

If a user has technical difficulties after opting in to the new version, they can opt-out of this program temporarily. To do so, the user should use the Settings button to navigate to the Account Settings Pop-up, then select “Settings” and “System Defaults”. From here, click on the“Revert to Using Old System” and click on “Use Release Version”. The user may need to log out and log in again to see the change.

Note: the opt-in system is stored as a browser setting, so users may need to opt-in or opt-out on each new device.

­­The upgraded version of IMAPP includes a set of onboarding processes to help walk new users through the major features of the system.  This onboarding interface will appear the first time a user clicks on each new page type in IMAPP and will explain the major parts of that page.  Click on Next or Back to go through the onboarding steps, or to close the onboarding interface click on the X button. 

We encourage all users to go through all onboarding explanations fully when they are presented, as this will address any changes to the interface and explain core functionality.

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