📺 Tutorial: Comparables (CMA)

Using the Comparable Property Tool in iMapp (27 minutes)

The Comparable Property Tools is one of the most valuable and popular aspects of iMapp, relied on by tens of thousands of Real Estate Professionals to create an accurate estimate of the value of any property. 

In this video, you will see how to use this tool as a quick and simple estimating tool using comparable properties, evaluating those comparables based on many factors. You will learn how to compare and evaluate comparables properties and how to adjust criteria for which comparables properties to include exactly what you need in your reports. These can be customized based on geographic areas, time frames, MLS State, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Building Size, Lot Size, Property Type, Waterfront and more.

You will learn how to dial those settings in to create a precise and accurate CMA valuation based on those factors and your knowledge of the market.

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