đź“–Explained: Customizing Recipient Details

There are several options available for filtering and customizing the recipients for you mailing list.

"Replace First Line With"

When you check this box you can customize your labels to include variation in what is used as the first line (name) of the address.  This is often used with the "Occupant" label content to use friendlier alternatives like "New Neighbor".  You can also add an additional line such as "or Current Resident" - sing this option will maintain the existing name but add the "or Current Resident" after the name line and before the address information. If you select "<CustomText>" you can enter your own custom text in the input box.

"Remove Duplicate Results"
If you select this option we will attempt to remove potentially duplicated labels.  There are multiple methods to choose from.  Usually  Unique Property Address is the best option.  If you are sending to owners, you can choose to create only one label per unique owner.  This can be helpful if one person owns multiple properties in your target list.
"Only retrieve labels with valid zip codes"
Sometimes addresses don't have a valid zip code (for example, we may have a partial address or the owner lives out of the US). Using this option will help avoid labels that will likely not get delivered anyway.
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