📖Explained: Positioning Labels On Sheets

Text Alignment:

You can toggle between centered and left justified using this radio box.  

Skip To Label:
Selecting this option will allow to you start your labels at a certain row and column.  If you have partially used label sheets you can maximize your usage of the remaining labels by choosing to start at the first remaining label.  Using this option assumes that all labels to the right and below of the starting point are still available for use.

Fine Tune Positioning:
If your printer does not start calculating position from the edge of the page you may need to shift the start of printing by a small amount. Selecting this option allows you to select vertical and horizontal offsets.  Only use this option if you have already set the program you are using to print your labels to scale the labels to the full page.  Programs often impose a margin and may scale the layout accordingly which affects the positioning on the label sheet.  If you are sure that your program is not doing this, then fine tuning might be a good choice.
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