đź“–Explained: Viewing Results On The Map

By default the search results will display as a list on the Browse Search Results page. If you would prefer to view the search results in a map view you can switch between the list view and the map view by clicking on the Spreadsheet or View On Map links in the toolbox on the upper right part of the page.

When you click on the map view option, a map will appear with all of the search results highlighted with blue houses. The houses with numbers correspond to the search results listed below the map. Only the search results currently shown in list will be numbered, any non-numbered houses correspond to results on next/previous pages. If you would prefer to only see the search results for the current page of results highlighted there is a check box labeled Map All Search Results in the right hand column. If you uncheck this box, the map will switch to only showing the current page list.

As with all settings, when you select between the Spreadsheet view and Map View or the Map All Search Results that preference will be saved and used by default the next time you view this page.

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