đź“–Explained: Removing Properties From Your Search Results

If you are going to be downloading the search results or creating mailing labels you may wish to manually remove some of the results. To remove entries from your results, uncheck the checkbox in one or more of the properties. When you have finished unselecting properties, click on "commit changes" to actually remove the results from your current result set. If you would like to uncheck all properties, click on the "Unselect All On This Page" button. Conversely, if you would like to check all of the properties, click on "Select All On This Page". It is important to note that you do need to click on "commit changes" to finalize the changes. Also, select all or unselect all only act on the properties currently shown on the page. If you would like to remove properties on multiple pages you will need to navigate to each page, unselect the properties and click commit on each page.

Unselected properties show up with a gray backround to visually indicate which properties are unselected. You can return these properties to selected status by clicking on the box followed by commit changes. If you would like to hide the unselected properties you can do so by toggling the "show all results" to "show only selected". Conversely, if are currently seeing only the selected properties you can toggle all results by clicking on "show all results".

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